NSW Driving Tests Postponed for Minimum (2) Months - Effective 27.3.20

Parents & Supervisors of Learner Drivers Workshop

Sutherland Shire Council will be conducting a Free (2) hour seminar on Wednesday 17th June, 2020, at 7pm which aims to cover new laws and provide practical advice Re: supervising learner drivers, completing the logbook and the benefits of supervised on-road driving experience.

Enquiries: Road Safety Officer 02 9710 0341 or

Driving Technique that 95% of Drivers Don't Know

Mum reveals fateful choice that led to sons being killed in road crash READ

Teen Invents Way to Remove Blind-Spots In Cars

Speed Limits to Change Across New South Wales

New South Wales road rule AMMENDMENT effective 26th September, 2019.

NSW Launch Digital Drivers Licence app

Please note: If you're pulled over by police, do not handle a phone to display your licence until requested to do so.


Bstreetsmart is an injury prevention program hosted by Westmead Hospital's Trauma Service in response to the fact adolescent drivers represent only 14% of licence holders but are involved in 21% of fatal crashes.

More than 26,000 high school students visit Quodos Bank Arena in Sydney over three days every year to witness simulated crash scenarios and hear from road trauma survivors as part of a road safety initiative designed to encourage young people to make safer choices as a driver and passenger.

Young drivers are most at risk in the first six months of driving solo on their P-Plates and represent approximately 25% of hospital road trauma admissions.

Bstreetsmart posted a video to YouTube of one of their live events which provides teens and their parents with a realistic look at the trauma caused by road crashes and gives them information and strategies in an attempt to reduce serious injuries and deaths. Not alI students get the opportunity to attend such an important event, so to view the full 3.5 hour program click on the following link:

Below is a 22 minute clip of the crash recreation component with commentary by Dr. Ken Harrison who is a trauma doctor at Westmead Hospital. #Care2DriveAware