I specialise in providing parents and other supervising drivers with content; structure and delivery technique coaching that includes the option of a practical in-car demonstration and commentary drive to reduce the risk of inadvertently passing on erroneous habits to learner drivers - (the roof sign is removed from the car).

Included with my coaching is an 8000 word Supervising Driver's Guide that I created to provide practical assistance throughout the entire AUTOMATIC transmission learn to drive process - from the preparation stage through to higher order cognitive driving skills. The guide is presented in an A4 hard folder for durability and is divided into three sections - Vehicle Controls; Traffic Skills and Higher Order Driving Skills; and includes performance record cards for your learner drivers' lessons.

Parents have typically been driving for many years and are unconsciously competent drivers - meaning driving has become somewhat second nature. Delivering structured driving lessons to novice drivers can be problematic for individuals who have been performing the function on auto-pilot. Coaching and content structure is tailored to meet individual and group needs - so please don't hesitate to let me know your requirements via the contact page.

I have dedicated my Twitter
and Facebook Page content to actively support parents and other guardians with supervision advice and the latest in young driver education news.

Rather than it being a period to survive, I personally consider supervising our teenagers as they learn to drive to be a rewarding time as we get to spend some rare one-on-one time with them.The following short video will either reassure you that you're not alone, or it will scare you off supervising a learner forever - either way, it will hopefully bring a smile to your face.