Parents have typically been driving for many years and are unconsciously competent drivers - meaning driving has become somewhat second nature. Delivering constructive supervision to novice drivers can be problematic for individuals who are performing the function on auto-pilot themselves.

I appreciate that it's parents who typically supervise the majority of the 120 hour 'L-Plater' journey - so I believe it's important that professional instructors provide effective lesson feedback along the way. It's my policy to offer parents and guardians of Secondary School students FREE emailed driving lesson cards which includes comments and key development area appraisals. Let me know if you would like to receive the lesson cards, and I will generally email them to you within 24 hours of each lesson. I believe a collaborative and structured approach can be beneficial to a young learner driver's development.

Available upon request with the prepaid lesson packages is a FREE emailed copy of my 8000 word Supervising Driver's Guide, designed to help parents and other guardians supervise Learners during the AUTOMATIC transmission learn-to-drive process -- from the preparation stage through to situational awareness and higher order cognitive driving skills. The guide is divided into three sections - Vehicle Controls; Traffic Skills and High Order Driving Skills. It also contains many helpful illustrations that support Learner supervision, including steering and reverse parallel parking.

Safe Drive Training (SDT) has produced a series of excellent short videos to assist parents and other supervisors. This is one of the videos which I feel provides some very helpful coaching tips.

My Blog, Instagram, Twitter content and Facebook posts aim to provide parents and guardians, as well as the broader community, with the latest in Australian and international young driver education news and advice. I geek out on Young Driver Education - so I invite you to engage my social media platforms and please don't hesitate to contact me should you require any assistance.

Finally, rather than considering it a period to survive, as a parent, I personally consider supervising our teenagers' driving to be a rewarding time as we get to spend rare one-on-one time with them. The following short video of a nervous Dad will either reassure you that you're not alone, or scare you off supervising a learner driver FOREVER - either way, it will hopefully bring a smile to your face. #Care2DriveAware